Performing Arts Advocates

Norman Blankenship

Master Set Builder & Designer

BIO: As a high school senior, Norman discovered a love for theatre when he entered stage left on the horizontal, leaping on for “The Mouse That Roared.” He also discovered the love of his life that year when he stole her flat painting brush! About every 20 years, Norman returns to the theatre to either win a Best Supporting Actor Award (for Max in “The Sound of Music”) or build a set or five (like “Bye, Bye Birdie” or “Big River”). He decided to try out for this show to see what the ‘little black box’ was like. Now—he knows—and hopes to return to ECP in the future!

Dalton Blankenship

Set Decor, Actress

BIO: Dalton’s first theatre experience was writing, directing and starring in a small production—in fourth grade. She did not return to theatre until her junior year in high school where she met her husband (of 48 years) on stage, painting flats. Since that time, she has had extensive backstage experience as a stage manager, set dresser and costume advisor—in addition to flat wrestling, prop wrangling and the occasional toilet repair. Her first major role came when she was “called” to be the Reverend Mother in “Nunsense” at ACT (after which, she demoted herself to play Sister Margaretta in “The Sound of Music,” also at ACT). After a too-long hiatus, she has returned to theatre and her first outing with ECP.




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